Cool wrapping paper

Just bought this cool wrapping paper from a'n'bc at raffles shopping centre.. came home and google the paper's design company, and found out its a malaysian brand! Check them out here

I think I'll be delighted to receive a present wrapped in this... would you?

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Happy Shopping; Korean style

It's shopping time at Gmarket Korea! Buying really lot of stuff.. thanks to Jas & her sis for their help, i couldn't read korean =(

Photo albums:

I am going to start a new hobby of photography (lomography), so might as well stock up on some of these irresistible photo albums. Click the photos for details on the items.

Mini Polaroid album. I was hoping to get a fuji instax camera, then this will be put to good use. If not, namecards will do.

Nothing beats a simple 4x6 album.

Buying this really cute DIY album for a friend's birthday since i saw her buying lomo films the other time.. Its like a scrapbook with stickers and pretty pages. click on the image to see more details regarding the album

Organizing boxes:
These look pretty on the table and can be put to good use. I chose this 3.


Bought these cute earrings at about $1-$2 each.. CHEAP! On the other hand, i bought 15 pairs of earrings from local gmarket.. oh no i need a bigger jewellry case!


Wanted to buy this strap for a long long time.. SG gmarket is selling it at a bomb price of $30.. Korean one is only 18,000 won.. finally!

I saw that Jessica from howaboutorange also bought this strap as i came across one of her blog posts.

I wanted to get these toy cameras for starters, but i didnt placed my orders for them in the end cos im unsure of the price and i'm overspending.. =( Will get them next time..

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How i wish; an etsy inspiration
Read this artcle: Get the Look Decor: Tones of Sepia

Also for my friend, Jasline who is also moving house soon..

sneak peeks:

My Favourite home decor item out of the list:

How i wish my house could look so nice and cool. I'm moving to my new flat in April.. I'm looking for inspirations right now, which thrills me so everyday.. looking through hundreds and thousands of beautiful homes. Sadly, I've got a rather low budget for my room, and space is a problem because I'm sharing a room with my sis.. *shrugs...

Luckily we have trusty Ikea which I'm going to get most of my furnitures from there.. Mostly of the furnitures I'm gonna get there is white or black so hopefully it will create a sepia kind of tone.. I wanted to paint one part of my wall black but I'm having second thoughts of it..

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Etsy: Bonnie Tsang

What's to love :

winter dress up doll wall decal

Table cloth playhouse

Mounted bunny head

Find more cute and sweet stuffs in this article :

Guest Curator: Bonnie Tsang & Her Mini Partner in Crime

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Free wallpapers for desktop site
Who love freebies? Me! Do you have files cluttering all over your desktop and its hard to see and find them especially if your wallpaper design is complicated? Well, here's a solution: Simple Desktops is what is sounds, providing simple wallpaper designs for a clutter-free environment.

Some of it that i like :



one for each day...

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I am now Aries
Hah the title might have been weird.. how could a aquarius baby become Aries? Well I am 'supposed' to be Aries for a project that Kenny is doing. In fact i think I am supposed to be alot more. I'm acting as his model for his projects on Designatural. Right nw he's doing on stars & constellations. I have a few other shoots and a video, but I'll post this for now.. it looks good..

It was fun doing this shoot. We did it at the big field opposite of Ikea, Tampines. It was quite awkward as alot of people is walking past and it wasn't a glam photo shoot.. its something 'funny' and i even saw people taking photos of us.. but I love the feel of the big black cloth floating in the wind.. it creates a great effect and feel.

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More about me

My name is Eileen Yu.  I live in a small sunny island call Singapore. Really hate the 365 days of hot sun. I really love winter or cooler places, so i hope to travel often and i really love travelling.

Anything cute, pretty, vintage, RED, appeals to me the most. Sometimes pink will do, but it really depends. I love to shop for shoes, stationeries, accessories and any sort of crafting materials. I love eating good food, I'm quite a picky eater, I hate veggies and I love meat!

I'm a Graphic & Web Designer. and you can know more about my style and works here :

Not very updated as of July 2011.. but I'm thinking of updating or changing a new portfolio with new completed and ongoing projects. Please wait for it, as xmas season is rather busy busy.

I mainly do below the line collaterals. Most of my job tasks is website designs, flash, e-mailers but I'm also equally good at packaging, prints, publications and many other projects.

When I'm not designing, I'm shopping, watching movies in the cinemas, chill out at a pub, late night suppers, (dieting!), a super gamer playing all sorts of online games with friends,  and recently my favorite pastime, watching Korean dramas and variety shows, especially 'Running Man', its so hilarious and good, it really brightens up my day.

That's all folks! for now...


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Packaging for goodie bags
Kenny is doing some goodies bag for the kids he teaches, and I came across these simple yet nice ideas.. thanks to eatdrinkchic will try to get my hands starting on projects like these soon..

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