Long time no see folks!
Its been a while since i blog, i'm so busy with work and play and life all year.. Yea the year's coming to and end! Looking forward to a better year ahead with more life goals and dreams! Thinking of revamping the blog, its been 2 years! But im a tad lazy haha.. Updating some of things i might have missed out posting...

Yes and i've been busy traveling to Phuket, KL, Sydney and  Legoland this year!

Check out some of my creations: On Pinterest!

Did a set of iphone wallpapers for my fren upon request!
Used some of the design elements from freebies of http://www.eatdrinkchic.com
Really love her stuff.

Also me and my friends are planning a bowtie themed x'mas party!

And then a ice cream gathering x/mas party:
gotten the ice cream printable design from eatdrinkchic

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