Making gifts with love
Its been a while.. really busy with stuff.. and sick.. made a few items during this time.. gonna post them up to share with your.. (please pardon me for the lousy quality photos taken with my iphone3)

Kieth's birthday box

First up is a birthday box we made for our dear friend, Kieth. We bought a few presents for him, so we put them in a box rather than wrapping it up.. and tada! Made this with Jasline.. really big thanks to Jasline, all the pretty stuffs are made possible.. and thanks to her also, i think im starting to get hooked to scrapbooking stuff...

Kenny and his kids

And now this cute little side project, is done by me and Kenny. He wanted to give his 'kids' goodie bags for his last teaching lesson. He really loves them alot.. ^^

He designed the tags, but of course, most of the idea came from me hehe =x
It was tiring, but I was more than happy to cut the tags, punched the holes, stuff the goodies in, wrap the bags and tie the ribbons. I think i have a liking to do gift wrappings.

Karyn gift bag & card

Lastly, Jasline once again helped me to make a lovely card for Karyn's whose birthday party is on last Saturday. And i came up with a last minute idea to wrap her present in a sweet and nice interesting way. I think I would do that for more presents in the future.
I got a gift paper bag template from amymoss, and i changed the designed on it to my own. Printed, cut and tied with a ribbon - Perfect.

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