How i wish; an etsy inspiration
Read this artcle: Get the Look Decor: Tones of Sepia

Also for my friend, Jasline who is also moving house soon..

sneak peeks:

My Favourite home decor item out of the list:

How i wish my house could look so nice and cool. I'm moving to my new flat in April.. I'm looking for inspirations right now, which thrills me so everyday.. looking through hundreds and thousands of beautiful homes. Sadly, I've got a rather low budget for my room, and space is a problem because I'm sharing a room with my sis.. *shrugs...

Luckily we have trusty Ikea which I'm going to get most of my furnitures from there.. Mostly of the furnitures I'm gonna get there is white or black so hopefully it will create a sepia kind of tone.. I wanted to paint one part of my wall black but I'm having second thoughts of it..

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