I am now Aries
Hah the title might have been weird.. how could a aquarius baby become Aries? Well I am 'supposed' to be Aries for a project that Kenny is doing. In fact i think I am supposed to be alot more. I'm acting as his model for his projects on Designatural. Right nw he's doing on stars & constellations. I have a few other shoots and a video, but I'll post this for now.. it looks good..

It was fun doing this shoot. We did it at the big field opposite of Ikea, Tampines. It was quite awkward as alot of people is walking past and it wasn't a glam photo shoot.. its something 'funny' and i even saw people taking photos of us.. but I love the feel of the big black cloth floating in the wind.. it creates a great effect and feel.

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