More about me

My name is Eileen Yu.  I live in a small sunny island call Singapore. Really hate the 365 days of hot sun. I really love winter or cooler places, so i hope to travel often and i really love travelling.

Anything cute, pretty, vintage, RED, appeals to me the most. Sometimes pink will do, but it really depends. I love to shop for shoes, stationeries, accessories and any sort of crafting materials. I love eating good food, I'm quite a picky eater, I hate veggies and I love meat!

I'm a Graphic & Web Designer. and you can know more about my style and works here :

Not very updated as of July 2011.. but I'm thinking of updating or changing a new portfolio with new completed and ongoing projects. Please wait for it, as xmas season is rather busy busy.

I mainly do below the line collaterals. Most of my job tasks is website designs, flash, e-mailers but I'm also equally good at packaging, prints, publications and many other projects.

When I'm not designing, I'm shopping, watching movies in the cinemas, chill out at a pub, late night suppers, (dieting!), a super gamer playing all sorts of online games with friends,  and recently my favorite pastime, watching Korean dramas and variety shows, especially 'Running Man', its so hilarious and good, it really brightens up my day.

That's all folks! for now...


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